Cream PR is an all-round PR agency with clients from the world of fashion, lifestyle & interior. Since its establishment in 1998, Cream PR rapidly evolved into a full-service PR agency which is keen on developing concepts & focuses on PR 3.0. The company has grown into an authoritative source of inspiration for stylists, bloggers and journalists, featuring a large showroom in the creative area of Amsterdam.





Cream PR
Van Hallstraat 294 IA
1051 HM Amsterdam
The Netherlands


T: +31(0)20 4212124
E: info@creampr.nl


KVK :  17142191
BTW:  NL8108.76.577.B.01
ING  : NL89 INGB 0674 9433 33





Chocolate Bliss to welcome CreamLab #5

creamLab Stadswild

‘Shhhht,’ mentioned a note on the front door of our showroom, ‘We’re working on enlightenment.’ An usual message for an early Tuesday morning, but there was something special going on at Cream PR: Chocolate Bliss…

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Cream Lab: what's your story?

moodboard CL#4

Yes, we create powerful brand visions, design events, concepts, visual communication and social media strategies for our clients. But the real core, the heart and soul of Cream PR is building meaningful relationships…

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Bedtime stories with Storytel

Cream PR Storytel

Remember how you could be disappointed by a movie because you read the book? Reading a book is a great example of how imaginative our brain can be. We can see a whole world in front of us, we can imagine how the characters in the book look like, how they talk and we can even sense their energy…

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